Ship Faster, Build Loyalty, Here’s How!

Expectations around faster package delivery are getting more competitive every year, and today’s consumers want products faster than ever before. Is it a realistic expectation to cater to these ever increasing needs of consumers? We think it is. Consumers are expecting retailers to deliver packages in two-days or less, this is the new normal. Amazon certainly is playing a key role shaping delivery expectation for consumers.

For example, Amazon Prime members in the US are at an all-time high.

Growth in Paying U.S. Amazon Prime Members

Amazon’s Prime membership program gives consumers free two-day shipping on many of the products they sell, and it also helps to create more loyal customers who spend more. Recently, we’ve noticed that it’s not unusual for Amazon packages to arrive the next day, even sometimes on Sunday!

In 27 regions in the US, Prime members are getting selected items delivered in 2 hours for free!

Amazon's Free Two-Hour Delivery

So what does these mean for catalogers? Competing with Amazon is no small task. But trying to match their delivery speed is almost impossible. What you can do is offer two-day shipping. It doesn’t necessarily have to be free, after all Amazon charges Prime members to provide this service. Do you ever wonder why your shopping cart abandon rate is so high? Maybe it’s because consumers aren’t happy with the shipping speed. If you want to build loyalty and stay competitive, think about how you can improve how fast packages are delivered. Maybe it’s time to review and compare shipping solution providers to help you save money and deliver faster. Republished with the permission of the Dingley Press. Original article can be found here: