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Circulation Planning

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List Brokerage

Circulation Planning

Maximizes Your Profits

Receive expertly crafted and executed catalog circulation plans aimed at driving maximum profit contribution. Our “bottom-up” methodology ensures precision and effectiveness through list-by-list and segment-by-segment analysis.

Tailored to your company’s unique needs, we provide a comprehensive annual catalog circulation plan (or direct mail plan), outlining all mailings for the upcoming year/season. With a keen focus on financial aspects like expense budget, breakeven, as well as order and demand flow, you’ll gain valuable insights for the approaching mailing season.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. As each catalog drop approaches, we proactively update the circulation plan, incorporating the latest information and fine-tuning pending drops for optimal results. Our seamless and dynamic approach ensures success is always within your reach.

The Execution

You Get the Plan

Lett Direct, Inc. fully executes the plans we create. This includes ordering rented lists, managing database models and names, issuing merge/purge specifications to service bureaus, and ensuring timely delivery of electronic mail files to the printer. We handle coordination with external vendors, including database cooperatives, and can negotiate pricing on your behalf.

We take charge of segmenting your house file appropriately, typically using Recency-Frequency-Monetary Value (R-F-M) for mailings. Our clients benefit from the Lett Direct, Inc. network of approved vendors, and we provide detailed reports on house file updates and buyer counts.

With extensive testing experience, we offer valuable insights to optimize your sales. We believe in thorough testing of various elements like holdouts, cover designs, and minimum order requirements for successful marketing programs. Our expertise in structuring A/B type splits and implementing testing rules ensures comprehensive and actionable results to provide real benefit to your bottom line.

Performance Analysis

Track Sales

You’ll receive our proprietary Comprehensive Results Reporting weekly, which fully outlines catalog source code results and tracks sales from all channels. This report projects order and demand results to 100% based on historical order curves and serves as the foundation for future mailings.

Additionally, we offer various special analytical reports, including lifetime value, merchandise square inch reporting, and incremental breakeven analysis, among others.

Improved Lists

Achieve Better Results

You asked for improved lists, and we listened! We established our List Brokerage Division to enhance satisfaction, offering more consistent service and pricing for our print catalog clients. When choosing a broker, we emphasize these Key Considerations:

  • Industry Relationships
  • Proactiveness and Trust
  • Analysis and Research
  • Future Trends

We also manage relationships and work with Cooperative Databases, from prospect modeling, buyer reactivation modeling, appends, and more, to improve performance, discover new opportunities, and stay current on the latest customer acquisition capabilities.

Our Expert Team Helps You

Navigate the Catalog & Direct Mail Process

All businesses are unique. Below is a general guideline to determine if you should pursue direct mail.

If you have an existing buyer file, we recommend considering direct mail to grow your business. Understanding how to best balance the ratio of buyer-to-prospect circulation levels is a key component to how we build successful direct mail campaigns.

What should we mail?

Number of SKUs and breadth of offer should influence the format of the direct mail piece you choose.   If you only have a handful of SKUs, a full-size catalog is probably not the best format.  But you can still add Direct Mail to your marketing plan using a smaller format such as; Postcard, Trifold, Flyer, Slim Jim, etc.  If you have enough SKUs to mail a full-size catalog, often this gives you the most ad space for your dollar.

How often should we mail?

The frequency of mailings is influenced primarily by seasonality, your product offering and your budget.  It is important to have a mailing in-home during your peak seasons.   Try to stay ahead of when your competitors are in the mail.

How much should we mail?

Balance the buyer to prospect circulation ratio to make sure you hit your financial goals.  It is important to prospect at a level that compliments your overall strategy and doesn’t break the bank.  You should be mailing more frequently and deepest in your peak seasons.

How can we track our results accurately?

There are tools in place that allow us to accurately track results after sales come in from your Direct Mail efforts.   Direct Mail measurements for success typically include post campaign results, focusing on; response rate, average order, $/piece mailed, ROAs, and profit.