Print vs. Digital? Think Print and Digital!

When people talk about Direct Marketing, they no longer are talking strictly about print. Digital marketing has become a large part of Direct Marketing in this multi-channel world. It is no longer print vs. digital but, print and digital. After all the end goal is the same, to reach as many buyers as possible and covert them to lifelong customers. The customers are at the center and various channels are simply the avenues we use to reach them. Each of these channels have their own strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to properly combine them can drive maximum revenue to your business!

Traditional catalog companies are utilizing digital services to better target their customers and prospects. Due to the nimbleness of digital, timing and touch points can be leveraged to better woo a customer.  Customers discovered online or first time online buyers can be added to the housefile. This means they will soon receive a catalog, which will continue the conversation with a tangible offering, something to look at and hold onto. Digital marketing efforts can grow your housefile and your bottom line, but are most effective when supported with your print catalog program. The same is true of retailers who started as ecomm only. Online retailers are using more print pieces to introduce the tangible to their customers. More and more online retailers are discovering the true power of print. The goal is the same with both marketing methods; continue the conversation and connect the dots to enhance the customers experience. Marketing dollars continue to increase on the digital front, but don’t neglect your print plan! Effective cross channel marketing bridges both the digital and the print to create a cohesive message for consumers. Your digital marketing team needs to be working closely with your print marketing team. They should be aware of drops and in-home dates and plan email and PPC campaigns accordingly. The best marketing plans use a multitude of print and digitals tools. Print and digital are no longer two separate, competing roads that are traveled to reach customers and prospects. Effective cross channel marketing is the bridge that connects the two and when done effectively, creates a lasting impression.