How Do Your Operational Costs and Metrics Measure Up?

Since 1996, F. Curtis Barry & Company has been benchmarking with hundreds of multichannel companies. FCBCO offers a wide range of services to multichannel retailers to reduce costs, increase productivity improve customer. Our services in operations are layout and design of centers, process improvement, increasing capacity of product storage and order throughput. In an exclusive joint project, Multichannel Merchant and F. Curtis Barry & Company have teamed up to develop an industry benchmarking study that will focus on key performance metrics and costs across fulfillment center, contact center and inventory management in consumer companies. This research will be developed in cooperation with executives from leading multichannel companies of various sizes. Additionally, Curt is working with business to business direct marketers on benchmarking projects. If there are Lett Direct customers that want to be part of this study, data preparation has to be completed before January 31, 2017. The results of this exclusive research project will be presented and discussed on March 28, 2017 at the Operations Summit, Executive Operations Forum. Click here for more information: Executive Operations Forum. Those that participate in the study will get a detail by company report and Curt’s critique – how to apply them to your business to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.